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2 cracker Flatties and a PB tailor in Deerubbin


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Had an early start today hitting the ramp at Parsley Bay at 5.30. Yakkas were in plague proportions and ravenous at Westhead and filled up the “fish spa” in record time. Went to the Valiant and my buddies 8 year old (Harrison) hooked up straight away on 20lb line, dad helped him pull in a Hammerhead, but he didn’t want a pic and didn’t want it in the boat (probably a good call as these are ADHD chompers).

We headed into Flint and Steel and anchored up (Minkota) and action was fast and furious - Bonito, Tailor and flathead, with 75+ flathead and 63cm Tailor, plus 5 little Jewies under 50cm.Unfortunately the sharks were out in number and we hooked / bought to the boat 11 of various species and 5 catfish.

Not a day of quantity, but quality was spectacular.





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11 hours ago, big Neil said:

Some nice-sized fish there Bob. Were you fishing with livies or cut-up bait?  bn

Hey Neil, both livies and ct baits, but none of the livies were touched which was curious.

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Very good mixed bag Pickles. Would be interested to know if the fish came from different levels of the water column, considering flathead are bottom dwellers and tailor more mid to top of the water column. Guessing you fished the slack tide with little run. Well done! 

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