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Had a blinder of a day on Mahi Mahi - bait was easy & quick to get & kept 12 fish, but caught a lot more (no point keeping what you can’t eat & give to neighbours).

BUT - conditions were shocking. 40 min run out with Westerly behind , but nearly 3hours to come back into a 30knt westerly head on Cold & wet and I’ve got a fully enclosed canopy (water/waves over the bow & into cabin.





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Great report Bob and a trip that would round off the year to date. If I read it correctly the King fishing has been less than perfect, the Bass has been great, and now the Mahi Mahi have provided a good day out with excellent results. Plenty of good eating there Bob, well done. bn

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5 hours ago, zmk1962 said:

Awesome action and results Bob and crew. Would have been tough going in any boat- you guys are troopers. Well done. 
cheers Zoran 

Would have been “a piece of cake” in a big Cruise Craft.

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