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Beach Jewie

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I don't usually report these days but had a few questions answered last night so this post might be helpful for a few folks.

Spent two hours catching bait on a glorious sunny afternoon. There were plenty of baitfish about and just on sunset, the dolphins came by to add to the scene. Had quite a serious mission to get to my spot with 3 beach rods, 2 buckets and a backpack.Stuck one of my buckets with dead baits at the top of the pack so I could carry the livies in one hand. I got to the beach and noticed my only slimie was gone. Turned around to see a sea eagle pick it up and fly off.Β πŸ˜†

There was a dad and his 2 boys next to the spot I chose. I chucked out a butterflied yakka over the back of the waves and 5 minutes later had hooked up to the first of what would be several bronzies. The kid came straight over and laughed at the fact that they'd been there for 3 hours and not caught a thing. Dad left pretty soon afterwards, hopefully not feeling dad-shamed.

So the bronzies were thick. I landed 5 of them in pretty short time. A guy walking past with a plastics outfit told me it had been exactly the same the night before. I was pretty discouraged at the thought of feeding hard won, perfect fresh and live jewie baits to the sharks. As well as the tackle they chomp through.

While I was de-tangling a rig my rod went off. The fish was noticeably different. Much longer charge away from the beach, then a few headshakes. He came in with no dramas, measuring 98cm. Had plenty of bait left and kept fishing with the intention of releasing anything else. Had 2 livies chomped by jewies and a tailor head took off and came back crushed. The bronzies were still in the mix. A couple of live yakka were bitten clean in half and a couple of rigs bitten off.

The jewie actually took a slab of mullet which came from a large camping, fishing boating outlet. Not a bad result for $6 purchase.

The learning points for the trip:

  • Fish on if the bronzies are about. It is difficult and can be expensive but worth persevering. I have a supply of pre-tied rigs in my tackle bags which helps a lot.
  • Jewies still bite on the full moon.
  • Used 6/0 circle hooks on the slab bait for a perfect hookup.

A question still to answer:

  • How to pin a live yakka for the beach. I was using 2 hook rig. Ciircle under the chin an trailing hook loose by the side of the fish. The survive well in the water but not sure if it is the best way to get the hook in the mouth. Both fish I missed, started runs. I put weight on after about 3 seconds but pulled the fish out of the jewie's mouth both times I think.

Anyway, it was a great session. Beauiful conditions and lots of action.




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Great fish mate ! Maybe pin the trailing hook lightly behind the dorsal fin ? I have done this with yakkas fishing for Mulloway in the Hawkesbury , one through the snout one behind the dorsal ( just under the skin enough to keep the hook there)as it keeps the yakka pointing head on into the current - it can slow them down a little though .

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12 hours ago, Mike Sydney said:

Stunning fish and a terrific report. Was it still light when the jew were biting ?

Cheers! Yes, barely light. Think it was around 5.30-6.00

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9 hours ago, Yowie said:

A good fish amongst the toothy critters.

For a 2 hook livie rig, I hook one in front of the dorsal fin, the other nearer the tail.

Cheers! I also like the top hook through the snout because you can get a good cast in, without tearing the hooks through the flesh on the back. I might have to try lightly pinning the back hook though.

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