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Flattie Bash

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The fishing was done on Sunday but I’ve been a bit busy with assessments and so on, I’ve been looking at cheap Alibaba lures for the past months and they finally arrived a week ago so I took the Sunday out to test them. I didn’t have the chance to fish some microjigs I ordered as I got kicked off the marina after loosing a banger 50cm trev on a zman grub (I was running 4lb braid on a bream setup). After getting cooked I switched spots to a place in the harbour where I could get both blackfish and fish for jewies, flattie and bream. I switched over to my heavier setup and tied on a 14g Alibaba ecogear rip off and ended the day with some cracker fish. I managed to hook up on my first cast with the vibe resulting in a tiny pinky pinned well by the assist hooks. After that came two little flattie around 40cm after getting them back in the drink I tied on a luderick float rig I made onto my light bream rod which had coincidentally the amount of split shot weights I needed to make the float slowly sink so there was no tension when the luderick grabbed my bread. With some simple bread in the water as burley I had a massive school of both luderick and bream busting up at my feet and in 5 minutes I ended up with 3 legal sized luderick and a legal bream of which I only kept the biggest 40cm luderick for dinner. With my time running out I made a final attempt with the vibe and I’m so glad I did as in my first (and last) couple of casts with some help from a blokes net I was able to land a big 62cm model flattie (biggest fish I’ve caught on lures so far) which was safely released back to spawn. Overall incredibly happy with the results of a 6 dollar knock off lure and will definitely order more.

( no photo of the luderick as it went into the wok to steam before I could take a photo:mfr_lol: )


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16 hours ago, big Neil said:

Good report Albert. Shows that sometimes the lures don't have to be really expensive to get the fish. Probably more important how you use them. Keep up the good work and the reports. bn

Those metres of colourfully packed devices are more for luring fishers rather than fishes :)


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5 minutes ago, Burger said:

A bit surprised they didn’t chase you off fishing there… isn’t there a flash hotel and restaurants on that wharf?

Glad that they didn’t though! Cracker flatly!

No, they actually allow you to fish the bottom and top parts of the big wharf.

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