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A bit chilly


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Headed into the mountains, air temp -5'c, water temp 2.5'c. Firstly I hate the cold which is the main reason for leaving the UK, however I still like the occasional reminder of how cold it can be and we aren't even in winter yet.

Target species were brown and rainbow trout which move upstream for the spawning this time of year. These fish are an introduced species first brought here by early European settlers.

It can be a busy time of year with many anglers trying their luck. I had decided to put the effort into hiking well upstream away from the crowds which involved quite some effort climbing some rock sections. Two other families had decided to join the party and all the youngsters were keen on heading upstream after I told them what a good session I had last year at a water hole well upstream.

Apart from really feeling my age on icy slippery rocks all went well and we all reached the magic spot!!!!!! I must admit feeling under pressure after talking the spot up around the campfire the evening before but the pressure soon faded away when we had a triple hookup on solid brown trout from the youngsters. I pretty much sat back and left it to them as they clocked up around 70 fish mostly in the 55-65cm size bracket. A truly magic session we will all remember, with even a large stag samba deer walking in on us and getting quite a shock.

One of the young lads had been working hard landing (netting) all the fish so had missed out on the rod action himself which made him feel disappointed, not helped by the teasing from the other kids.

Around the campfire that evening in freezing temps one of the parents was now keen to do the hike, which meant the lad who missed out had his chance.

This day was even colder and my water bottle that I filled before I left camp had frozen before we got to the spot. My first nymph fly hit the water for a decent 60cm brown which I kept for the smoker. After that my gloves went on and I left it to the others, like I said I hate the cold!!!)

The young lad hooked several fish before he actually landed one but once he did there was no stopping him. At least another 50 fish were caught this day before we headed back with smiles on our faces.

While camping I sleep in my rooftop hardshell tent. This has a 12v electric blanket, led lighting and plenty of power points which are all run off my lithium battery and solar, I even have a DVD player for movies if it rains!!!! So cold but still comfortable.


















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A great story - really enjoyed the part about the young fella who'd done all the netting on the first day then finally getting his chance at some big ones on day two. 

Beautiful scenery and pics and wow they are big trout!

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I am very impressed Jon. What a brilliant post. Full description of the trip which will always be remembered by everyone there. Very generous of you to share your previous experience with them so that they could enjoy it too. Some very decent fish caught. Seems obscene that there are people who wish to have Trout labeled like Redfin and Carp, just because they are an introduced species. Fantastic photos reflect the joy everyone shared and the pristine environment that they were experiencing. Thanks for the post, bn

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On 7/7/2023 at 7:37 PM, Yowie said:

Looks like everyone had a great time, solid trout, good times hiking, but, a DVD player in the rooftop?  🤣

Yes its just one of those little 10in ones for when its to cold to sit around the fire. Turning on the 12v electric blanket before I get in the roof tent is a game changer, uses very little out of the lithium battery and the sun soon has the battery back to 100% once the sun is up.

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