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PB Snapper off Sydney

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Just a quick report as am also trying to work today.  Went out yesterday on my day off with a new fishing friend from the Northern Beaches (Steve) no board hits boat to fish for Snapper and Trag.  had tried a few people who wanted to come with me but all were unavailable and Steve offered for me to come with him and his mate. Headed out from Little Manly at 5:20am before sunrise to north of Sydney Heads.  We fished the first of his spots as the sun came up and managed 1 decent Trag that was approx. 70cm. After not much action we moved to a second spot and had good success with Steve landing us on the fish. WE caught 4 1/2 Trag, the half being all that was left after Steve was sharked!  Myself and Peter also got sharked on good pulling up decent sized Trag.  Steve managed to catch a 55cm Bonito which was soon being used as fresh cut bait.  After things went quiet for 15 minutes - probably from teh sharks in the area, I had a very solid hit that was pulling line on my Penn Slammer 4500.  After a strong battle I managed I was pleasantly surprised to see a massive snapper come up next to the boat!  It was by far and away a PB for me at 76cm.  

Final catch for the day was 4 1/2 Trag, 2 Snapper, 3 Mowong and teh Bonito.  All fish caught on bait. Fun day out and back at the ramp by 11:30am.

Cheers, The Rev




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On 6/4/2023 at 10:26 AM, Pickles said:

Stonker of a reddie Bruce, we’ll done (no flatties  - bit unusual for you mate, normally get a bag ful)

Hi Bob, I was on a mates boat and he was ready to come in at 11:30am so in we went!  We had plenty of fish as it was!

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