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Crabbing Brisbane Waters

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Seeing posts with lots of crabs coming out of Brisbane Waters I did a couple of trips over the past week with great results. The total hauls were shared with others too. Line only and netted with mullet bait so a few did get away. 

mud crab haul.jpg

mud crab feast.jpg

blue swimmers.jpg

blue swimmer feast.jpg

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Some extra info, I like to have whole mullet as you get to fish with fillets (and often pick up flatties), the head and the frame as bait. Handlines with large hooks for the head/frame and fillets on rods with smaller hooks (but usually handline them when they get close) For some reason the head/frame out-fished the fillets by quite a lot. All blue swimmers and half of the muddies were caught on the heads. In past years it has been much more variable on different days. 

Another tip is to use a long handled, wide mouth net with nylon mesh. Always net from beneath the crab and come up under as much as possible. You have to get the crab as near the surface as possible but still deep enough that they don't spook and let go. The finer nylon mesh lets you move the net faster through the water and you can adjust the angle if the crab starts to go sideways. I think we only missed two crabs in total. 

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