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Weekend plans coming together

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Being a shift worker it's always exciting to score 3 days off in a row, this week being a Friday, Saturday and Sunday. 

Friday arvo couldn't decide what I wanted to do in the end with the day running out decided on walking the flats at Lake Cathie to catch a whiting on surface more specifically on my new MMD splashprawn.

The lake is closed at the moment with poor water quality which didn't stop people swimming 🤢. I spent the arvo casting and trying retrieves with the splashprawn a few swirls but nothing until I'd pretty much given up then


A small whiting but my first on surface in years...plan 1 done 

Saturday was an early morning start heading up the Hastings to the brackish looking for surface bream and bass.

The main river was a bit slow to start the bream were all over the splash prawn but just wouldn't hook up, did manage a few little fellas but then I realised I was following another fisho (very rarely see anyone else up there), the answer head up a small side creek 


Straight up a better bream 


No monster but an improvement, the creek looked good


Working along the creek the action wasn't red hot a few small bream and hits, then the lure gets nailed, thinking big bream was happily surprised 


A nice bass from very shallow water gave a hell of a fight

Worked my way as far up the creek as possible to the first rapid and actually got my best bream for the day in the running water


Loving the splashprawn, ended the session early to escape the heat... day 2 plan done.

Day 3 Sunday, Amy and I had a day off together, what to do but head up to the Nambucca and chase jacks, Amy had never scored a NSW jack and was keen to change said fact.

It was a late start but we were into it, with the amount of boat activity we decided to head upriver beyond the influence of water skiers, Amy managed a nice flathead for the table but otherwise quiet on the jack front.

We casted our favourite jack banks, it's funny how a switch flicks, literally out of know where jacks were smashing prawns up in the edges beyond reach,

Then chaos, Amy's on... can't imagine my excitement when I see red, I have never been so nervous on the net, the yahoos were loud when it was in


Amy's first NSW satan, she has worked hard for this fish, through many fishless sessions and lost fish


Gotta love the fangs, despite the outstanding eating quality Amy's jack was released to make someone else's day

The day couldn't possibly get better....


Until it did with a small jack for me  I don't care how big or small they are, I love jacks they are such a challenge on lures in the mid north coast.

Nothing else for tte session but who cares.... day 3 plan DONE!!!

Love ot when plans come together  hopefully it's the first of many for 2024

Cheers for reading 


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Some great fishing days you had there. Too many lunatics on the water at present, and they are not fishos.

Nice pair of jacks - have not caught one yet, still time  yet before I cannot cast for them, or anything else.

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A fantastic report Dave and a great outcome. Whiting, Bream, and Bass on a learning curve lure followed by MJs for Amy and yourself. Sounds like an ideal use of a 3 day break from the workhouse. As always top photos to complement your summary of events.


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Another great report Dave and a great variety of fish. It’s interesting that you bagged the Bass where I’d expect the bream and visa vera ? Having fished with you, I’m sure your expertise at working the lures is responsible for your (and Amy) success. If I was using the same lures, I reckon it would be Dave 10: Bob 1. The Jack must have been a good fight and a healthy looking fish.

Love the pics😊

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Excellent report and I could imagine how nervous the situation would have been till you slipped the net under Amy’s fish. Great result 👍

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