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Occupations Of Raiders


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I am a Senior Credit Analyst for a huge mortgage manager company in the city.

We have just released a 100% home loan - yes, you can borrow 100% of the purchase price.

But this aint no advert but that is my job. Assessing and giving away funders money! Lucky me!

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Guest madsmc

I am the safety inspector at a nuclear powerplant. Hank Scorpio wants to give me a job too.

Sounds like someone has been spending far too much time at Moe's... :beersmile:



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Like Mrs Sworfisherman I am also a Nurse. Have worked in operating theatres for 18yrs. I am Nurse Unit Manager for the Recovery Ward at a major tertiary hospital so no shift work Mon to Fri 9-5. I also work as a musician but is more of a self funding hobby than a big money maker.

Over the years I have worked part time as farm hand, laborer, gardener, office clerk, motor wrecker, fishing tackle sales, gigilo.....

But I really enjoy my job I have 30 excellent nurses working for me and a really jealous wife at home.....

My dream job would be full time professional musician playing jazz and blues..........



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Im a warehouse manager for a general merchandise import / wholesale company at blacktown. Previously a team leader at Tooheys brewery for 8 years :beersmile:

I will be looking for a couple of good forkies in a month or so, if you know of anyone.

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G'day all,

I'm a Swimming Pool Builder & own/operate Leisure Pools Hills District. I've been in the pool industry for 20 years. ( now I feel old!! )

Check out the website 'www.leisurepools.com.au'

Cheers, Grant.

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Guest Boppa

what park boppa ... thats what i was thinking of doing when i finish year 12

Lane cove national park mate

I f I can help I will known as Boppa there as well ...just call me


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