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Hairtail ?


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Just a quick report on our haritail fishing trip to Waratah bay last night. Unfortunately they were missing in action. We berleyed with cut pillies and also used a variety of baits including pillies, live yellowtail and yellowtail fillets. There were plenty of yellowtail (jumbo and nice lollipops) around and also a few squid. We also tried a couple of other bays on the way back to Apple Tree Bay but nothing was showing on the sounder and didn't get a bite. Only half a dozen boats in Waratah Bay last night.

On a brighter note when we got back to the ramp there was a guy who had caught one small hairtail but it was a little strange in that it had a very short snout. We have caught hundreds of hairtail over the years and never seen one like this. Sorry no pics.

The water was a little dirty for Cowan Creek so perhaps this has put them off.

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We were there Monday night, only boat. My son got a 1.55m hairtail. No other signs this one just came in and smashed his bait and took off.

No others were around.

Previous night got 3 at 1.4m at Jerusalem Bay.

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Heard that a trawler went through the whole cowan creek and pulled out 1.5 tonnes worth recently.

Can anyone confirm?

I hope not, I'll be there in 4 days and want to bag my first hairtail, it already sounds hard enough to even catch one.

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