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Two Sundays ago we got up early, headed straight out to Sydney FAD and started trolling right on sunrise. Before we could get our second lure in the spread out a dollie was on. The fish we talking anything and within the first hour we had landed to 6 legal dollies and three 70cm+ stripey tuna. Then the fish just went quiet for a couple of hours even though bait continued to bubble on the surface in every direction.

We moved on from the FAD and headed north and shortly after found a 3km area where the tuna were going nuts. Double hook-ups, triple hook-ups, quadruple hook-ups and it didn't stop. For six straight hours we just reeled in tuna after tuna after tuna. Ended up landing 32 stripies (averaging 65 - 75cm), 8 dollies (ranging from 55 - 70cm) and two yellowfin tuna (68cm and 72cm) - kept a handful and threw the rest back to get bigger for next time.

When we thought our dream day couldn't get any better - we were wrong. Just as we started to call it a day and head back towards the heads a big dorsal fin popped up right behind our spread. Was a nice 2m+ striped marlin - spent the best part of a minute checking out the short corner and rigger before finally smashing our shotgun lure. The fish managed to take over 300m of line as we quickly pulled in the rest of our gear. We fought the fish for a few minutes but unfortunately it managed to spit the lure on its second jump. While we didn't land him it was still an awesome way to end our best day ever off Sydney.

Was looking forward to heading out on Saturday to test some new gear but it's looking like I'm probably better off going big wave surfing.











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Hadn't had a chance to get out since our dream day earlier in the month so we made the most of the good weather and took Thursday off work to have one last crack at the Marlin this season. We got up at sparrows and headed out to the FAD with a plan to replicate our last trip. We were unfortunately greeted with cold, green water that had floating chunks of weed and rubbish all through it so we quickly pulled in our spread, changed our game plan and started heading to the shelf.

On the way out we managed to find an awesome current line at the 120m mark - water turned to a deep blue with the temp spiking from 22.5 degrees to 23.7 degrees and quickly falling away again. That was a no brainer so we turned around, put the spread back out and started trolling. Within minutes we had a triple hookup on good sized dollies (73cm, 76cm and 89cm). By midday we had managed to land 22 dollies, four 65cm+ striped tuna and three monster bonitos but no sign of a Marlin.

Thought we needed some positive karma to attract the big fish so I strapped on the stand-up harness and stood out on the deck in anticipation. Call me superstitious but ten minutes later that dorsal fin we had been looking for appeared from the depths, had a look at our long corner lure and smashed it - happy days had taken my heaviest gear (80W with over 1000m of 80lb mono). Kept the boat on autopilot and quickly started to wind in the other lines but within 20 seconds he was off!

At lightning speed we reset the spread and started looping the area. Two minutes later another marlin started to stalk our shotgun lure and then finally after a few cracks at it he nailed it. Of course the fish that sticks was on the lightest gear (Penn with only 350m of 50lb braid). We ripped in the other lines and then strapped myself in to try and win back some line - we were down to the last 100m by this stage. Ultimately had to turn the boat to chase the fish to avoid being spooled and just as we did he launched into the air, found a tiny bit of slack and spat the lure. Worked the area for another 30 minutes but they were onto us and had moved on.

Only way I could think of heeling those wounds was to head to long reef and bottom bash for some kings before calling it a day. Managed to land a couple of nice 75cm kingies which put the smiles back on our faces pretty quickly.

While we didn't land the marlin we were desperately after it was still a cracking day on the water. Hopefully the warm water sticks around for a bit longer so we can have another crack at it.

Will put up some underwater videos we got of fish hitting lures later in the week.












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Attached are a couple of underwater videos of the big dollie examining the spread / smashing the long rigger and a stripy tuna nailing the shotgun from the depths



Still working on this camera setup so quality isn't great

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Thx karlos... Nice vids! Do u use the videos to monitor what's going on with the lures or r they just for ur own entertainment later ?

Ps. Sorry about the questions. But I'm a real noob when it comes to game fishing

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