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St Georges Basin surprise


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Hi Raiders

I headed out for a quick morning fish on St Georges Basin chasing Bream & Snapper on 4 pound gear but I ended up with a 113.5cm Jew fish instead.

After a 45 minute battle around the basin I had it boat side and landed! It was caught on a 80mm bloodworm wriggler.




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Jewies don't eat worms, it must be an oversized whiting. :P

Bloody great by-catch :D

You beat you PB Jew on plastic when you weren't even trying.....some guys have all the luck :clapping:

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What a fish! Great pics and a lovely story, thanks for sharing it with us.

A mate of mine has a home on the water at the Basin, he has been catching some big Flathead lately so it looks like the place is firing all round.

Wish that Burrill lake was fishing as well.



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Amazing fish mate. I haven't heard of a Jew of that size being taken from the Basin for sometime. That is a perfect example of why recreational fishing zones are so important- these kinds of fish are becoming more and more regular in spots like the basin.

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45 min. fight on 4 lb line What an amazing catch & incredible patience. Well done. I would have lost it in the first couple of minutes.

Would have to be best catch of the month.

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