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a very belated report. But here it goes

A few weeks ago me and my mate went to avoca beach. Arriving at the ledge at 3:30am we setup our rigs for the chance of tailors.

No tailors in site but my mate caught a hairtail on his first cast. No action until just after 7am, we were spinning metals for at first light. only tailors were being caught when all of a sudden my lure got smacked by something hard and it took off for the ocean like a freight train. After a quick 10min fight we saw colour,. And not bringing a gaff we were waiting for wave washing to wash the fish onto the ledge. It was a long tail tuna. didnt weigh or measure but it was a horse!

We spun more metals for more tailors and bonito but no more tuna.by 11am the wife calls and needs help with the kids. So we left with the fishing biting.

Not a bad way to christen my own hand rolled rod!



File_000 (1).jpeg

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That's awesome mate! 

One of the charter operators from terrigal hooked one with his 4lb bream and gear  (intended for frigate mackeral) there about 3 weeks ago but we all know how that ends ?

Gotta be stoke getting him on your rod too!

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Thats a great capture especially off the stones .... of days gone by and especially a rare capture down here these days.

Though I have heard of a couple taken Sydney/Pittwater.

Credible reports they "were" in Botany Bay busting up as well.


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Guest Guest123456789

Very nice fish @xerotao well done!!

Did you say lures or live bait caught the tuna? I would have thought live bait for sure. That leader you're running looks about 100lbs on a 9000 sized stradic? 

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Epic catch mate! I've been spinning/jigging from the rocks a bit over the last few month but only got bonnies, frigates, mac tuna, tailor, salmon so far. Still waiting for something bigger to come along.

What kind of retrieve got him? Were you going flat out or lift and drop etc? Trebles or assist hooks?

Always fun sending metals out to the horizon and back 100's of times in a session!

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