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Leatherjacket as bait


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Hi, So i had a rather uneventful session shore fishing in sugarloaf bay  (middle harbor) with my bait being continually stolen so i downsized to some size 12 long shanks  to see what was taking the bait and ended up catching one small chopper tailor, one small bream and two small 15-20cm leatherjackets (all thrown back).

I was thinking should i keep the small leatherjackets in the future and cut them up and use them fresh or salt the fillets for future bait? i know i'd eat them if they were a bit bigger but do other fish ? also would it stop leatherjackets from stealing the bait i.e. will they eat themselves?? The only information i can come up with is using them for snapper bait but I'm more after the usual bream, flathead, bigger leatherjackets, tailor etc would they eat them?


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due to their skin being so hard to cut and the fact that the skin peels off the flesh easily  I doubt they would be useful  as you wont get a hook thru the skin..fish wont eat the skin..and the skinless pieces would be picked off too easily..only my opinion but I wouldn't use them...rick

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I’ve seen them on bigangry fish use them in NZ for chasing kings. They use them and trumpeter and cut them horizontally and pin the backs. In saying that, the areas they target kings they would eat a banana. There is a lot better bait to use imo! 

Cheers scratchie!!! 

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