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Murrumbidgee firing.

big Neil

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G'day folks. I've been getting out fishing a bit lately and have caught plenty of fish too. Only problem that I and others are encountering is that the fish are being particularly lazy. They are being caught on bait but seldom on lures of any type. I've used spinnerbaits, diving lures and surface lures without even the slightest bit of interest, in the past few weeks. I must add that the river has been getting hammered with stacks of visitors camping along the banks over the past month. Should be a lot quieter in February so I expect a further improvement, provided there is still water being sent down.

Today I went out fairly early as there was a bit of water being run through for irrigation purposes. Managed to get past the main shallow area and into some less fished areas and I wasn't disappointed as I set about fishing the snags and edges of the flows. As usual I needed to find out what they were "liking", so I made up a couple of paternoster rigs and tried 4 different baits (cheese, marinated chicken, shrimps, worms). Caught fish on all but the stand out was cheese today but shrimps 2 days ago. I lost stacks of gear today with some wily fish maximising their snaggy environment to the max.

This eucalypt may soon be in the river...


Hhmmm, nice snag!


Just legal Murray Cod...returned unharmed 



Shrimp / yabbie aerator (Xmas pressie from one of the grandkids)


A nice juicy live shrimp bait...



So plenty of Murray Cod about, although not too many larger models. (These are usually caught using lures, etc) Haven't caught a single Trout Cod so far. Usual amounts of Carp which I always dispatch and an abundance of turtles. Caught some nice Redfin in the irrigation channel. I know that there has been rainfall in some areas in recent days but we have still had none. 

Thanks for reading this Murrumbidgee update, bn



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3 hours ago, Berleyguts said:

Great report, Neil! Glad to hear your river is still fishable. Hope you get the rain we’ve been getting soon. Are you making notes of where all those snags are for when the river has more water in it in the future?

Thanks Baz. Yep after all the years of fishing the regular stretches near where I live I pretty much know where all the snags are and still lose tackle regularly in them. Hope we do get some serious amount of rain too, time will tell. Cheers, bn

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On 1/17/2020 at 4:01 PM, rickmarlin62 said:

Good to hear your catchin a few neil   we got rain today   hope you get some soon

Thanks Rick. Monday morning and we've just had a fabulous downpour. Thunder, lightning and a few inches of rain in a couple of hours. Stopped now and getting very muggy. Hope it's falling in the catchment area. Fishing tomorrow, most likely. Cheers, bn

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