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Botany bay 18/2/20

kingie chaser

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Went out today with the idea of targeting kings after seeing the recent encouraging threads of @swordfisherman & @nbdshroom & test out the whole poor mans downrigger live bait set up. 

In the water by 630am & didn't really know what to expect after all the recent rain but the water quality was still very average to say the least, dark brown colour, lots of weed, rubbish & random stuff still floating about.

Straight to my regular place for yakka's as the sun rose & no amount of burley was working, tried for some squid at another location but came up donuts which doesn't help the goal. 


So without the livie's decided to do a but of a  flathead drift with the chute out as the wind came up a but more that expected & got a really nice hit, came up about 1/2 way before spitting the SP, a quick retrieve & throw straight back into that area around the 8mtr mark & it hit again, had to be the same fish the way it hit, this time I gave it a bit more of a second hit to set the hook this time.

A nice 60cm flatty that as I brought it into the net & just over the boat spat the SP then jumped out if the enviro net & slap the hell out nearly every forward panel of the tinny.

Just managed to calm it down enough for a quick pic on the mat before sending her home do what she does.

Used a squidgy pro black & gold prawn wriggler(cant remember the size but think it was a larger one.


Stopped off at the 3rd runway on the way home & tried some micro jigging & larger SP's but no takers.


2 fish only for the day, still if I could get just one 60cm flatty every trip that would keep me going 😀 


And actually thanks to modern tech & being able to zoom in on a picture I am going to claim a 609mm fish 🤣😜







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Nice flattie.


You did better than me. I fished the deep water of the Hacking today: pillies, salted bonnie strips and squid, in  spot that normally produces after rain, and NOT ONE fish at all.  :1badmood:

Well, I did pull out 1 reasonable bream at my mother's place before launching my boat, but nothing in the boat.

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2 hours ago, kingie chaser said:

Wow, that's got to be a 1st 🤐

That's what I said to myself, not a f^%#@* fish (apart from the bream).

There were small pillies jumping everywhere before sun-up, and what appeared to be one large fish having an occasional splash amongst them. Even in winter I will still catch a small reddie of 2, but none today. The fish might be somewhere in the Hacking, but not near my boat today.

Always next week to try again.

A fillet each from the bream for the missus and myself, not a lot but just enough with chips and veges.

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