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Back on the water


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Finally got the boat trailer fitted out with nice new skids and blue slipped, so headed out to give it a run. Plan was to grab a couple of lobsters before heading out wide to search for tuna. We got a little distracted when we discovered a gully between rocks filled with fish, even some legal snapper which we soon had a play with using soft plastics. Unfortunately  we couldn't get close enough for any decent pics of the snapper but the way all the fish only held I one gutter makes you realise how hit and miss dropping a line on the perfect spot can be.







From there we couldn't resist stick baiting the bonito which were literally everywhere on the west side of Montague.





Time was getting on after a very late launch but we decided to try and get to the boats hooking into yellowfin. With so many distractions such as giant turtles, dolphins and pilot whales we didn't get far enough offshore before the wind starting picking up and word of boats heading home due to changing conditions, so we pulled the pin. Stopped for a few more catch and release snapper over the gully early found. All up a great success.






Pilot whales.





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So glad that you got the boat out after all the hard work you've had to do to get it ready Jon. Hope that you have many years of doing what you all do with her. Great pics and write up of the experience. Look out Yellowfin. bn

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19 hours ago, dunc333 said:

👍 good to hear .that camera is awsome ,cant wait for more pics ,did you get any crays Jon regards dunc333


No, we got to distracted, besides we only give them away so the effort level was low on that day. She did get some a few days before, the numbers have been very good for the last couple of years.

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26 minutes ago, dunc333 said:

i say your friends Jon are living the dream if your catching  crays for them ,i hope the beer economy works down there cheers dunc333

Not a drinker but the cake swapping is pretty sweet ( not that I'm a cake person either ).  There are some really nice old people in the neighbourhood who do heaps of charity work, it's nice to be able to give a little back to them.

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