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Kingies back and heaps of salmon


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Hit the heads on Saturday with young raider James C to help him get some large fish for a biology assignment for a major senior school project. The plan was Salmon, Trevally,  Kingies and blackfish.We had a corker of a day and brained the salmon, boated a 67 king, busted of three times by bigger Kingies and a big salmon at the side of the boat. We didn’t count the Trevally, but bought home 20 over legal, one good king 5 nice salmon.

James has always wanted to catch a shark (you know how young blokes are) and we boated 3 (Port Jackson’s)- all released of course.

we got a good feed for 3 families and no waste - all the frames and guts for burley pot and my “no dig organic veggie patch)





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Nice work pickles... always enjoy your posts and envy your fishing skills.

I see where u were it appears you were spot locked with a minn kota. ... can you anchor in that area, is it safe?  Or is it better to just drift and move around abit?

Thinking of going in harbour this Monday bit no minn kota (yet) and just have a sand anchor amd a sea anchor .



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Reply MS1100 - I drift for the flatties, but anchor lock the MinKota for kings and snapper - the new Min Kota’s are far better Than older ones and do not drift more than a metre off “spot lock”, so very safe, but always good to keep an eye on the rocks if close by

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