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Port Hacking FAD 09/02/21


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After having bad weather or other commitments get in the way of fishing I decided i needed to take a day for myself or it wouldn't happen. Looked at the forecast and decided Thursday was the day to fish so took the day off work, dad @hookerbruce found out i was going and came along for the ride.

Launched from Grays Point and with a mixture of smaller live bait from the river and a few bigger Yellowtail from near the Bombie we headed for Port Hacking FAD. Arrived to find 8 boats or so and not much current, started the first drift a bit away from the FAD using the largest livie. Bait was taken by what felt a good fish but the hook pulled on the first run, cursing myself i thought that was the good fish for the day gone.

Each drift after that produced 1-2 fish on the small livies, 60-70cm, kept 1/2 dozen and released a few more. Got no hits on lures or pilchards and found the bait had to be fresh and kicking to get a bite, this often happens when there is not much current as they don't seem to feed as aggressively.

About 10ish we went off for troll, a few Km south east of the FAD we came across some flotsam and trolled around the area. Managed to raise a Marlin which whacked the lure a few times but did not hook up. After that dad got a striped tuna and a couple more Dolphin fish and a bigger Marlin came up on the lures following and swiping at the lure but not hooking up, very exciting having a lit up Marlin In the spread but just would not hook up.

We saw a few free jumping Dollies so had a drift/slow troll through the area with livies, I put out the last big bait and dad a smaller bait. After half hour or so my bait was taken, and a big dollie leapt from the water. It's amazing what you feel when the fish you have waited many years for is on your line. Plenty of big jumps and good runs before a few nervous minutes around the boat trying to get the fish in position for the gaff shot, eventually it swam where we wanted and dad gaffed it into the boat. Plenty of excitement and cheers as we had fished a long time waiting for a big Dollie, not a huge fish but measuring 125cm and 10.1KG it was a big upgrade on my previous best of 5kg.

We fished for a bit longer but with time getting away and no more big baits we called it a day and headed home, only stopping on the way home to avoid running over a marlin that was cruising on the surface.

We caught a good bag of fish, saw 3 marlin and got to spend a day out fishing instead of at work. We also have a new PB Dolphin Fish for the family to target.

Thanks for reading


On a side note; I took the boat out again the Friday arvo with my wife and kids for dinner and a swim, the river is definitely quieting down, towed a broken down boat back to the ramp. That makes 4 boats i have towed home in the last 6 months which seems a very high number considering i fish maybe 1/2 times a fortnight. 



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Thanks for the trip out . I'm glad your mother doesn't want you going out wide on your own. I have to keep telling her how good it is for father/son bonding, and any other excuse for coming home from the north coast Tuesday nite fishing thurs then heading inland tomorrow looking for freshwater fish.


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On 2/14/2021 at 10:07 AM, bardi said:

Great catch... Just curious, how far offshore is the PH fad, and in what depth is it ?


Port Hacking FAD is 21km out in 140m of water. GPS marks are on the NSW fisheries website. 

I'm in a 5.2m ally cuddy cabin, and need to pick my days to go out there.


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Nice mate, well done. 

How far off do you reckon you were from the fad to find the patch of marlin?
If you get the chance to push out wide again try and land a couple slimy's before heading out if in case you raise a marlin up - bridle them up and drop back to 1-2 knots, you should be able to get one to eat. 

Well done. 

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