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Port Stephens- 8 months in the making!!!


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G’day raiders, 

Just a quick report from up here today. 

With all the crap weather we’ve been having, the chances of catching a few snapper on the inshore reefs were pretty low but as the title says, this trip has been 8 months in the making. 

So today i headed out with good mate @back cruncher Mick as he has been battling the big C for the that period of time and that was the last time we fished together. To be honest catching fish didn’t matter. I’m just glad he in remission and feeling well enough to hit the water! 

We collected livies pretty easy all yakkas but had enough and hit the island. Water dirty and 19 degrees. The wind was strong but consistent and we deployed a Shute to slow our drift. 
After the first drift it wasn’t looking good, then all of a sudden the livie goes off! Don’t look at me Mick, all yours buddy! After a good fight up comes a fair size lump of a Mack tuna. Yewwww 🤙 there’s a workout for you mate. 
We reset our drift and next minute we are on to a double, this time he’s got a Mack on snapper gear 🤣🤣 even better workout. We both land some our Mack’s! Then I’m onto a good snapper but pulled the hook not far from the boat 🤬🤬🤬🤬

Changed a few locations and everything went quiet. Not much bait showing up there. So we called it a morning and headed back! 

A great morning on the water with Mick and was so good to see a smile on his face! 
See ya soon champ! 

tight lines all, 

cheers scratchie!!! 






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13 hours ago, Smobaby said:

Great report,  helping mates is what it's about. 

Thanks. We both love fishing and getting away from it all. That’s what it’s about too! 

12 hours ago, Maniac said:

Can’t beat a day on the water with a mate, even better when you land a few fish.


11 hours ago, GoingFishing said:

Good on you Jeff your just an absolute champ and perfect human being.

Thanks Sam, wouldn’t say perfect! I lost a good snapper 🤣🤣

10 hours ago, dirvin21 said:

Good on ya Jeff

Cheers mate

2 hours ago, rickmarlin62 said:

Any longys around jeff

Not that I’ve seen 

2 hours ago, Yowie said:

A good effort by both of you. As you said, a workout on those tuna is guaranteed.

Thanks yowie! Mick let me know this morning that his arms now longer. His wife is happy he can now dig into his pockets! 🤣🤣

1 hour ago, tyrone07 said:

Welcome back Mick good news mate 

Great news aye! We’ll give him a few more workouts to recover! Haha 

32 minutes ago, Rebel said:

Well done guys. Great report and Suer photos.

Cheers mate 

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5 hours ago, back cruncher said:

Hi all...good to be back on the fish.plenty of Mac action,not much in the way of snapper though .yeah,I got sore arms that’s for sure,still can’t reach the bottoms of my pockets.

thanks everyone.

Good to hear your back out there mate.Hope to see you out there soon


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