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Big flatty release and a few fish for the table


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Collected some poddies yesterday afternoon for an early start in Botany Bay today. Hit the water just on low tide and stopped at a reliable drop off to send a couple of poddies down. Within 5 minutes one rod goes off and I grab it thinking it might be a flatty as the take wasn't that spectacular. The fish comes up quickly to the surface and I seen a yellow tail as it sees me then takes off with a few bullying runs into whatever structure was around. Soon after I had the king in the net and bang on 65cm so she was dispatched and iced up asap. 

Just as I was getting re-rigged a Maritime rib came over and disappeared soon after. He came back a few minutes later and I grabbed one of the rods to let him come alongside the boat but I was on again. This fish had a bit of go and I thought it may have been another king but soon enough a light brown flash signalled a decent flatty. The maritime rib dropped back and gave me some space to land the fish and I netted it without drama and called him over. The guy was very obliging and took some happy snaps of the fish and videoed the release for me. He checked my fire extinguisher and advised me to service or replace it, prompted by the recent serious boat fires that have caused havoc for some.

There were birds working and boils all around as kings or salmon were smashing bait schools. Another suspected king smashed one of my livies soon after and I moved on to another spot up the Georges and picked up a nice bream in the mid 30s and a flatty in the 40s in deep water, both on poddies.

Beautiful conditions and a nice way to spend a Sunday morning. I'll upload the release to youtube later this week:)


king (2).jpg

Flatty on mat (2).jpg

Flatty before release (2).jpg

Flatty and bream (2).jpg

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On 5/2/2021 at 8:33 PM, JamoDamo said:

Awesome report! You certainly cleaned up! The river is going fishing very well as of late

Thanks Jamo! Water has cleared up and there seems to be bait everywhere...the birds are busy!

On 5/2/2021 at 8:35 PM, Yowie said:

A few nice ones for the table, and a big one released. Good effort.

Yowie, always nice to take a feed home after releasing a big fish:)

12 hours ago, hucho hucho said:

Great report and pictures.

Cheers Hucho!

11 hours ago, masterfisho7 said:

One top report well done you have some fine fish there


11 hours ago, zmk1962 said:

Great report. Some top fishing there. 
cheers Zoran 

It was good to get two good fish within the first half hour Zoran!

10 hours ago, Rebel said:

Well done. Great day out. Super photos.

Cheers Rebel!

8 hours ago, Killer said:

Great days fishing. Do you miss the kayak? I just bought a new 360 drive for mine.


Killer, I caught alot more fish in the kayak overall.....I'm a bit spoilt now and shoot from spot to spot if the first 20 minutes is dead, with the kayak I fished harder in the one area;)

3 hours ago, kingie chaser said:

Nice croc, sound like a fun day on the BBay :thumbup:


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1 minute ago, jenno64 said:

Thanks Jamo! Water has cleared up and there seems to be bait everywhere...the birds are busy!

Its cleaned up amazingly. After the floods its seemed to have kick started some crazy fishing! 

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