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Gunnamatta Bay


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Today's forecast, issued a few days ago, was for southerly winds but that changed, so last night decided to head outside for a flattie drift. Woke up earlier than I wanted, so changed plans again and headed to Gunnamatta Bay for an early fish - if nothing doing then head outside.

Anchored along the edge of the sand bank and fished into deeper water. Pulled up a few yakkas so cut them up for bait. I pulled up the reddies, tailor and flattie on the yakka strips, plenty of small reddies then the jackets turned up and ate all baits and snipped off some hooks - I suspect they were little chinaman jackets. The flattie was released - it put up the fight of a piece of seaweed until it saw the boat, then took off in all directions for some time.

I had a few frozen cooked king prawns, so thawed them and used them as half peeled baits, for the whiting and crab, throwing the line over the sand bank. That was enough for a feed.

Heading to North Haven on Thursday for a week or so, meet up with friends, have a fish (of course) not been there for some time.



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3 hours ago, zmk1962 said:

Very well done! Can’t complain about that as a result of a changed plan. 
cheers Zoran 

Thank you, couple of feeds there and I didn't have to go far at all.

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1 hour ago, slothparade said:

Nice catch, especially the flatty, decent whiting to 

Thank you. I had previously hooked up 2 large chunks of kelp, the flattie felt like a third one until it was next to the boat, then it woke up and took off. 😂

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1 hour ago, GoingFishing said:

great bag as always Yowie. Ive developed a real liking for blue swimmers recently but am yet to really target them

Thank you. The crab grabbed a piece of prawn then tangled itself in the line, so it will make a nice entree before fish fillets.

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7 minutes ago, hookerbruce said:

Hi Dave 

Bit late in replying, I'll have to do another hacking trip try and get a flattie haven't got a decent one for about a year. you have come up with the results again.


Thanks Bruce.

Currently at North Haven. One of the guys from the van club has moved up here, he didn't have far to tow his van so he headed home and brought the boat around as well. Asked me out for a fish yesterday (he has only been up here for 3 weeks or so) has not worked out too much just yet. 

We fished for several hours at 3 spots, the westerly was up for a while, pulled out a stack of bream, not one legal amongst them, a flounder and 2 flatties. One flattie just legal so I sent him back, then I thought I hooked a nice jewie until it swam near the boat, then put on a performance for a while. Bloody eagle ray.

May have another try tomorrow.

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