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Good flathead off DW wide


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As we had not been out for a good while we were a bit late starting, launching at 6am at Tunks

tried a troll off washaway and north Head but no takers 

Dead calm once clear of Manly and we were worried we might not have enough drift, but once in 55m off DW we got enough drift and a few good flathead came in between lots of spikeys, u/s reds, sargeant baker.

Once the breeze lpicked up about 1130we headed home.
Just  cooked  some flathead for tea,delicious.



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Nice bag of Flatties Allan, well done.

I was out yesterday too and got exactly the same catch off Barrenjoey in 40 m, what a coincidence. I was over sand though and would not have expected a leatherjacket (especially one big enough to take a flathead hook.

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I usually run 1/0 hook at the top of a 3 dropper rig, 3 of 4/0 on the lower drop , and a single 3/0 in the middle. That way I can often pick up a mackerel, yellowtail or other smaller legals, also some good fish.



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