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Hawkesbury bream😞 Flatties and a whitting


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When I next need a break from luring, I really got to buy a new nipper pump again (mine disappeared when my parents downsized which happened to be during a prolonged break from fishing - serves me right). The success you, @Yowie and @jenno64 are having with them just might just convince me :) 

Fantastic catch! I know bream aren't your favourite, but honestly when they are that fresh, you're going to enjoy the feed!

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12 hours ago, big Neil said:

Good job you don't get bored by repetition Bob. Fishing for bread and butter species every day, does it get any better?

Oh, hang on, it does...hauling big Kingies over the side.

Cheers, bn

Wont be long till you’re up here and we’re into the Kingies Neil

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11 hours ago, motiondave said:

awesome grab of fish, especially the bream.

Maybe if you dont like them, toss them back? just saying :D


I’m not so keen but the rest of the mob love them - love to catch them, so everyone 😃 

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