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Port Stephens and Crowdy- Finally got out


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G’day raiders, 

Sorry I haven’t been around much lately as I’ve had a lot going on! Briefly been reading reports and admiring your great captures over the past few weeks…… raiders rule! 

On Monday, finally managed to get out myself with fellow raider @back cruncher and his mate Hop. 
We had a pretty good plan and stuck to it. Cast plastics early for snapper and try our hand at trolling livies for kings. 

We loaded up with yakkas pretty easy and headed for our first mark. Straight away Mick came up tight to a nice snapper and into the box it went. I think I managed another pannie and then Mick lands another good one. 
As we were ending our drift I got a bite that the fish dropped but he came back and I set the hook. No real fight as I wind in about 20m of line and I thought I’ve got another pannie. That was until it seen the boat and took off at 100mph. A bit confused, I thought it was a king until I stopped it’s run and felt the telltale beats. Good snapper and after a spritely fight into the net she goes! 


We managed to land a couple more before we put the lures away and started to troll some livies about. Tried a few different areas to no avail but was definitely a change of pace for us. 
Started to head home and topped the box up with a few flatty. Whilst chasing the flatty we got plagued by small mahi-mahi which was a bit of fun until we called it a day! 


I then went home and had a quick hour nap, a shower and headed north for CROWDY HEADS……..

Arrived at my mates place just in time for dinner and a beer before an early night and a 3am alarm. 
I was pretty excited but knew the swell was up there and when we got to the ramp I wasn’t wrong. Solid 2m rolling through but with very little wind. 
We headed out and just like back in Port Stephens, yakkas were pretty easy to come by and we got a tank full pretty quick. 
Hit our mark and set the drift, with livie out back and anticipation high. 
My mate was on bait and me lures as always. We managed a few pannies each but no real takers. Worked several areas as the seas settled down a bit but it was very quiet with no real surface action. Headed out a bit deeper to top up the bag and I switched to some slow jigs. We got what we needed and it was nice to spend some time in the water! So good for my soul and bringing home a feed of fish was a bonus! 
Just can’t wait to get back out there and do it again! 


Thanks for reading! 

cheers scratchie!!! 

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Wondered where you have been Scratchie, nothing happening for a while, thinking of sending out a search party to find you. 🤣

Nice tubs of fish, some great feeds.

When the big red approached the boat, he looked up and thought, "It's that #*&#@ Scratchie dude, I better get the ^*#* out of here."  :074::074:

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Great stuff, Jeff! Were there any slimies about? Or only yakkas?

I’ve got the next few days off (til Monday) but probably won’t get out til the kids go back to school and to try and recover properly from this damn Covid! Day 28 and I still can only last about 4 hours before I feel like I have to go to sleep again! Definitely not tomorrow… just sitting outside Tomaree Hospital - had to drive my son there because he cut his finger down to the bone. Good sharp knife that, so a nice clean cut, I think. He’s got tattoos all over his arms and chest but he’s still petrified of needles and stitches! 😂 Pity I can’t be in there to watch him faint! 😂😂

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