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North Harbour snapper, squid, kingfish


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Hey guys first report here, recently I’ve had a crack in the bottom of my boat where water has been getting into the subfloor and there’s been a lot getting in so the last few days my dad and I tried to fix it up and took the boat out today to see if it’s repaired and have a bit of a fish for a few hours. 

We launched at tunks park at around midday 25/1/22 and headed straight over to target some squid around reef beach, first cast I got a squid which was a little arrow and a king that looked about 80 followed it up but left. Then was quiet for about half an hour so we moved on to crater cove to try and find some more. I got a decent calamari to put in the livebait tank, the cast after that I thought I was snagged but it was coming up and very heavy so I thought it was a bunch of kelp but turned out to be a huge cuttle fish which was pretty cool to see as I’ve only ever gotten tiny ones. 

We then head off back over towards manly at about 2 to slow troll some squid around the rocks at about 2 knots, I had a squid head on and I cast it out the back and as soon as I put my rod in the rod holder I get a little bite then my rod bent over, I picked it up and the fish was having a big run and some huge headshakes so I wasn’t sure what it could’ve been but then it slowed down and became pretty much deadweight and once I got it up boatside my dad netted it and it turned out to be a solid snapper that measured 51-52cm which I wasn’t expecting inside the harbour. I put back on a live squid and got a rat king then shortly after I got another king that was 74cm. 

Got back to the boat ramp at about 4 and found there was no water in the subfloor so it was a great day and brought home a good feed. 

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well done mate! and welcome to the forum.

thats a cracking feed in anyones standards

what did you end up doing with the cuttlefish? im not too sure about their table qualities but i know most people dont kill the bigger ones as theyre incredibly smart and divers treat them like pets 😆

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Hi Flickking. Well done on the boat repair and the subsequent "water test". Glad the boat held up alright for you. Pretty good catches for the Harbour. Welcome to the Forum, will look forward to reading your future posts. Cheers, bn

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Great report @Flickking and great pics. That is a seriously good snapper. I hope you kept or used the “candles” of the cuttlie, it is the No 1 bait for Kings. The hood is really good eating too - better than calamari (sweet and tender). Interestingly squid guts are an excellent Kingie bait, but the cuttlefish gut is not - horrible to deal with.

Thanks for sharing and keep the reports coming.

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