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Stewy and big Neil do Deniliquin

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Stewy and Donna recently fished Lake Mulwala and we tried to catch up for a fish in my local (Murrumbidgee River) Alas it was running a banker so we agreed to try later. As a result, Stewy came down here and we headed to Deniliquin, about 3 hrs drive from where I live. We worked really hard, casting thousands of times, getting snagged dozens of times. To say the river was tough going would be an understatement. The previous weekend the river had been assaulted by hundreds of anglers. It was hardly unexpected to find the going tough. Pity we didn't know at the time.

We arrived early Sunday and put in a very big day, casting spinnerbaits into the timber. Tough going indeed with 2 small Murray Cod to me on the first day. The area was very snaggy and about 1 in 10 casts needed the retriever to get the lures back.  We fished till late and Stewy was rewarded with a lovely Murray Cod of 70 cm...the biggest fish of the trip, late in the afternoon. Cod fishing is often a marathon and often with no result guaranteed. Whilst it was a tremendously tough exercise we were buoyed by this catch and hoped for a repeat performance on the other days.

Nice one Stewy!


The next day (Monday) I had arranged to catch up with a guy who I fish with who lives in Deni (Larry). He joined us after he had knocked off from work. The mission here was to show Larry how to use a baitcaster rod set up and behold the lucky sod caught a nice Cod and was casting like a pro. Alas the report on Stewy and my day got lost in the mail...

Larry with his first Cod on a lure...


The lure fishing was REALLY tough so to finish off the day we decided to relax, grab some shrimps and catch a few Silver Perch. These fish are abundant in the Edward River system and put up a good account of themselves. Here's a pic of a nice 36cm one which Stewy caught. These fish are real sneaky and it takes patience and skill to snag them. We also caught a few Cod and some Carp too.


The remainder of the trip saw us exploring some new territory and even this turned out to be a bit eventful. We went downstream past the weir, where the Mulwala Canal runs into the river, and finished up firmly planted on top of a massive tree which was not visible, even though it was just below the surface. Took us ages to get off it even though we had the electric forward and the Yamaha 50 aft. We travelled a bit further in this virgin section before deciding it was too risky. We noted some really fishy spots but the majority of the trip was done at a snails pace because of the snags we kept hitting.

The Mulwala channel running into the Edward River...


Here are a few more pics of the river for those who enjoy seeing these freshwater environments. 

Surface lures did no good either...


Launching the beast...


Cruising around at a snail's pace


One of the small ones I caught on Sunday 


Fishing till day's end


Cruising from place to place



Thanks for reading... bn



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2 hours ago, swordfisherman said:

Thanks for the invite Neil u were a great host and a top source of knowledge on Murray Cod and you handled our poor performance like the true gentleman you are 🤐

cant wait to catch up again and  enjoy the stories and banter 

regards Stewy 

Haha Stewy. We had quite a few laughs and the only thing missing was the hook ups that should have rewarded our capabilities. That's fishing. I'll look forward to the next time... Fishing in style. bn

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