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Freezing at Copeton

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A quick report after a quick weekend at Copeton.

Save a long drawn out tale of fruitless casting.

Needless to say it was cold and tough, we fished 4 sessions with me 1 bite for 1 fish and Amy 4 bites for 0.

We did a run up to Copeton gorge which was pretty spectacular.

The 1 cod went 84cm was in incredible condition and took a 3/4oz chatterbaitIMG_20220605_165338_758.jpg.256358d247ed16f94de01247ce78601a.jpg









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Well done mate, I know how hard you would have worked for that one fish! Its a pity nothing stuck for Amy.

It looks damn cold, I was over your way the back end of last week chasing bream and it was hard to keep warm out on the water, Copeton must have been freezing!!

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