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First fish

Black CC

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My family has a 16 year old German student staying with us for the current school term and she mentioned to me a few weeks back that she had never caught a fish before. So, I decided it was my mission to help her catch her first fish. I sold my boat last year and haven't quite managed to buy another one yet, so I decided to rent one of the small boats at Balmoral Boat House yesterday and see if we could find a few Trevs. My daughter, who has been on numerous fishing expeditions with me, the German student and I left Balmoral at noon with the plan to fish half an hour before and an hour after low tide. It was a bit slow at the start but once the burley trail was established the Trevs arrived and our German guest managed to catch a double header, so she caught her first fish ever and her second fish ever at the same time. The girls managed to catch 14 Trevs between them and had lots of fun doing it, so a great experience for all 3 of us. A significant departure from my normal hard core adventures but I forgot how much fun it can be to watch someone catch their first ever fish.

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