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Port hacking yesterday

Isaac Ct

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Headed out early in the dark yesterday with my dad and started to fish around lilli pilli. Was quiet until the sun came up and we landed our first jewies each and the usual small snapper and 1 legal amongst them. At 7:30 I dropped back in to pick up a mate and we headed back out hitting the same spot up and tried a couple of drifts around lilli pilli for no more luck. Then we anchored on the edge of the flats and my friend got his biggest fish (measured 56cm). After that we went around to South west arm and landed a gurnard we we kept. All in all a day of success and firsts.



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47 minutes ago, Restyle said:

at least you can say you've caught a Jew. Nice trev though, underrated fish for the plate

Thanks mate, decided to release the Trev as it was quite big and we had the snapper. I do like Trevally sashimi and shallow fried.

23 minutes ago, Larkin said:

Well done mate!
Got to make the most of a teachers strike

good to see some small jewies in the hacking. 

Cheers mate, we have wanted to catch some jewies for a while so it was nice to finally get one each.

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1 hour ago, Yowie said:

Little jewies, but your first ones. Can only get bigger next time.

Cheers yowie, I will keep persisting with r the same methods and hopefully can get some bigger jewies, tailor etc 

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11 hours ago, Little_Flatty said:

That trev is a whopper. Massively fat fish!

Well done on the soapies. Good to see they are around.

Cheers mate, hopefully a couple of bigger models are around for the next time we go out early.

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4 hours ago, Squidless said:

That trev is a stonker!

Love eating trevs. My wife is not a big fish eater but loves them as sashimi so that's saying something! 

Cheers mate, I will only really keep them between the 40 and 45 cm range. I find those are the best eating personally

3 hours ago, Crabstar said:

Well done mate, good report and great catch!

Cheers mate

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