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Port Hacking - a bit quiet


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No photos as the camera stuffed up the photo, not me. 🤣

Headed out early yesterday arvo to Maianbar flats and pumped some nippers on the run up tide. Waded about the flats but could only find just under sized whiting. The water was a bit murky, could just see the nipper holes in knee deep water. Further up river, could not see the bottom at all so just guessing where the weed beds and sand flats were. Up past Lilli Pilli was just solid brown colour.

Upped anchor and drifted about. More small whiting but 2 legals near the ballast heap, and another legal one at Lilli Pilli. Good sized whiting from 34 to 37cm. A few little pickers and toads about as well.

Moved back to Gunnamatta Bay at sunset and anchored on the edge of the deep water. A lot of weed either floating about or rolling along the bottom, constantly fouling the line and hooks. Threw a few nippers over the sand bank for undersized bream and whiting, and a few bite offs from big puffer fish. 

Fish strips thrown out into deeper water for not even a bite. Around mid dark, some tailor turned up on cast and retrieved pillies. Only 2 just legals, and a just legal trevally which were kept for the table. The tailor stayed for around 15 minutes then disappeared, but hard to hook on the pillies and bigger hooks as they were small. All bites stopped so headed home. 

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16 minutes ago, big Neil said:

Not too bad a result Yowie, considering the recent weather conditions. I love fresh Whiting, gotta be among the best and sweetest fish around, on the plate. bn

Thanks Neil, better than nothing at all. Whiting are one of my favourites as well.

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9 hours ago, Isaac Ct said:

Better than nothing, well done on a feed.

Thank you. Had to give it a go.

9 hours ago, Bluebenbomb said:

Good job mate, sometimes I don't trust technology as well :).

Thank you.

6 hours ago, Rebel said:

Great report.

Better luck next time.


Something for the table, so happy with that.

2 hours ago, Fab1 said:

You always manage something mate.Good result.

Thanks Fab.

1 hour ago, Larkin said:

You did well, with a few good whiting and tailor landed for the table!

Thx for the on water report of current conditions in the hacking.

Thank you.

Very murky looking.

22 minutes ago, Pickles said:

A good result Dave given he rain and wind we’ve experienced lately - I haven’t been out for 2 weeks 😞😞

Thanks Bob. Happy to get out and about. I know what it is like when you cannot go fishing due to weather or other reasons.

My pectoral muscle is still playing up from 2 weeks ago. I had a couple of panadol tablets before heading out, dulled the pain, however, when I woke up this morning  :1taz: fishing and pumping nippers seems to have upset it. Them's the breaks.

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11 hours ago, jenno64 said:


Your quiet day normally puts most of us to shame! Glad you got a few tings and I hope your injury improves in time for the next jewy!

Thanks Rob. Pectoral strains take some time to disappear, but just cannot sit at home doing nothing.:lol:

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