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A lovely session with a rare catch

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I had a lovely session on the Murrumbidgee today. I launched at the nearest boat ramp today, determined to do some serious exploring. The river has changed totally post floods and I sought to see if I could improve my catch rate significantly. Alas, no I can't. The information gathered further endorsed the new difficulties trying to catch fish, post - floods. The river is still quite high and running really fast. The fish are very well-fed and not actively seeking food. Indeed they are in very healthy condition.

I traveled a long way upstream to a likely-looking spot. I fished for an hour without a single bite. The next spot looked equally as good and it was here that I finally got a bite. To my amazement, I caught a 32cm Silver Perch. In 20 years of fishing this area, I have never caught one in this section of the river... haven't heard of anybody else catching one in this particular stretch of river.


That was the only bite at that spot, nothing at the next spot then this 52cm Murray Cod at the last spot.


some of the new snags I found and some trees ready to drop into the river real soon.






Thanks for reading, bn

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17 hours ago, R E G I C Y C L E said:

Great report Neil. It's surprising where you find silvers... we even have a self sustaining population in my local, the Nepean River.

Yep, I remember chatting to an old bloke a few years back who was releasing a bunch of them into the upper Nepean. He had rescued them from his dam that was drying up during the drought.

I suspect this on may have found it’s way into the system in a similar fashion.

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4 hours ago, Pickles said:

A top report Neil - perch looks like a big healthy fish. We’re you on lures / SP’s?
River looks very healthy and clean.

No Bob I was bait fishing. I seldom lure fish when solo fishing. It is far too difficult to try to retrieve snagged lures when the river is running fast. I caught both fish on cheese baits, with a running sinker straight down to the hook. This rig is least likely to get snagged, but I still lose a lot of gear... especially since the floods have produced many more snags.

Cheers, bn

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