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Successful 2 hours on Brissy Waters

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Hey All,

First post so bare with me! 

Sunday night 5th/03 winds were light and it looked like a great evening to take the 410 Safari out for a couple hours. Launched at 6.45pm from Gosford Waterfront and headed to a spot in the bay I have found success before. Arrived at the spot and bait was present on the sounder and a few arches underneath. With the anchor out and a good burley trail started, it didn't take long for the first rod to go off. It was what we were after, Snapper. First fish going 35cm, this one was definitely going on the ice. With another 8 snapper landed within 1hr. we released 4 under size and the other 4 were all over 30cm. Another bait out and within not long it felt like a solid snapper. Once we got colour it was a good flattie. This one going 71cm. After a quick pic we swam her beside the boat and she took off to breed another day.


We knew with bait present and a tailor feeding frenzy in the burley trail, a Jewie won't be far off. We rigged up some slightly heavier rods and through out a couple fresh whole squid. It didn't take long for the rod to buckle. One good run and solid head shakes, we called it to be a jewie. When we saw colour we knew it was a good jew. This fish went 74cm. I haven't kept one of these in a while so this one went on the ice too. With another 4 soapies released (all under 55cm) we decided to call it a session. The mossies started eating us alive too.  


Got back to the ramp at 9pm with another successful evening on the water! 


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Firstly - welcome to Fishraider !

I can only echo zoran’s reply - awesome all round !

I have never caught a keeper snapper in Brisbane waters !

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5 hours ago, zmk1962 said:

Awesome outing, results and FIRST POST! The snapper dish looks delish.   Congratulations and thanks for sharing.

Cheers Zoran

Thanks Zoran. Yes, the snapper tasted great! 

4 hours ago, XD351 said:

Firstly - welcome to Fishraider !

I can only echo zoran’s reply - awesome all round !

I have never caught a keeper snapper in Brisbane waters !

Cheers. Yes, the bigger snapper are in there too. You just need to find them. Once they are on, they will stay on the bite for a while with a good burley trail before you start getting all the pickers. 

2 hours ago, bessell1955 said:

That was one successful fishing trip.


2 hours ago, Restyle said:

Welcome to the forum mate! what a report to start out with as well, looking forward to more from you in the future. some cracker fish there!


1 hour ago, big Neil said:

Welcome to the forum Gareth. I'm gonna look forward to reading YOUR posts, you obviously know your way around the working end of a fishing rod. Well done on releasing the large Flathead. Cheers, bn

Thanks BN. Hopefully it will only get better! 

26 minutes ago, Isaac Ct said:

Great job, lovely bag of fish.

Welcome to the forum, hopefully, more reports like this to come.

Cheers Isaac. 

17 minutes ago, Yowie said:

Nice bag of fish for the table, and a good flattie as a bonus.


Thanks Yowie. Was a great feed. Great to release the flatties over 70cm too. 

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3 hours ago, Little_Flatty said:

@Gareth Monks That was a spectacular report for your first post. Good bag of snapper, a good flatty and a nice mulloway as well.Well done! 

I believe @Scienceman finds legal reds in Brisbane Waters as well.

Cheers. Yes, I have seen some larger size snapper caught in the bay. Hope to find these ones sometime soon! 

3 hours ago, Rebel said:

Welcome aboard.

Super first report.

Great photos.

Well done.

Thanks Rebel. 

1 hour ago, Pickles said:

Welcome aboard @Gareth Monks, great post and great pics. The snapper looks delicious - well done.

Cheers Pickles. 

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