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Dolphin fish & Kingfish


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Gday Raiders,

headed out to South Sydney fads with two mates that also JetSki fish.

Two Dollie’s caught on Livies and one caught on a soft plastic. Caught a couple of undersized ones too.

Headed back in and threw in the left over yakkas at some kings, then switched to mackerel & squid strips - hooked about 7 kings. Kept 1

My Largest dolly went 83 - on a live yakka & my king went 66cm - caught on a squid head.

Largest king caught by my mate was 81cm on a mackerel strip bait. Everyone caught a dolly and a king to take home.




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15 hours ago, wazatherfisherman said:

You've been catching plenty of good fish Chris! Another good and tasty haul!

Thanks wazza!

I’ve had a really good fishing year, snapper through the winter and Kings and Dollie’s through the summer/autumn. 
The only fish that eludes me is the John Dory, as you might know from all the questions I have asked you in the past. I heard of someone catching one at the peak on a livie a week ago. I know they’re around, just not sure where to try offshore as the inside season is short. Might try some livies down on some 40m reef areas and see what happens.

7 hours ago, zmk1962 said:

Great outcome Chris and mates… you guys are poster boys on how jetskis should be used 👍

cheers Zoran 

thanks Zoran, 

been showing them how to get on the fish - one of them caught his first dolly and also his largest fish - kingfish at 81cm. They are both new to this type of fishing and really enjoying the sessions.

7 hours ago, bessell1955 said:

Great fishing and on a jet ski.

Thanks Bessel - it’s how I do all my fishing on the water. Good fun, but the body feels after a 20klm each way ride out to the fads.… 😂 

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21 hours ago, Isaac Ct said:

Solid stuff Larkin, I have some squid heads in the freezer, hopefully some of the kings are swimming around in the hacking.

Hi Isaac, definitely give them a go. Slow trolling a livie around those deep channels between gunnamatta and burraneer bay is worth a shot too.

20 hours ago, Rebel said:

Top day.

Great photos.

Well done.

Thanks Rebel - was a great day out with a couple of mates.

20 hours ago, dlvbw said:

Mate.... you are deadly right now. Top stuff. 

thanks dlvbw! Been having some good sessions out there. Can’t complain mate 

16 hours ago, jenno64 said:

Killing it! Top stuff👌

Thanks Rob - the pelagics are on the bite out there - taking advantage atm.

10 hours ago, big Neil said:

Fabulous post, some great eating to be had there. One of those incredible days where the fish were feeding readily, very well done.  bn

Thanks Neil, just polished a plate of kingfish sashimi with some work mates - they told me to bring ‘em more lol.

With the warm water and baitfish, the fish have been quite active.

30 minutes ago, Welster said:

You are on fire with fishing Larkin.   Well done for putting in the effort and producing consistent results. 

Thanks Welster! 👍

always learning mate! Fishraider has some top fishos on here that have passed on some great info.

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