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Cracking Day on the Hacking


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Headed out early and loaded up on the Nippers. Had a bucket full in short time and headed to the channel. Picked up the snapper which was right on 30cm, some bream, the jacket and flatties. Also had another flatty well over 70cm boat side before it spat the reddie it was holding on to. Moved on to the sand flats and picked up the rest of the catch. Nothing notable in terms of size but there were some solid fish. Biggest Whiting about 35cm.  Biggest Flatty around 50cm and the Trevally around 44cm. 29 fish in total. All in all, a great days fishing in superb fishing conditions. Great time of year to be fishing the estuaries.





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On 12/3/2023 at 12:27 AM, big Neil said:

Very well done Mass. Just shows how healthy the estuaries can be if you know your way around them. What rig did you use with the nippers?


Hi Neil. 6lb line with sliding sinker (small as possible) and a small long shank hook.

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