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Cracking the 1m mark


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With really good weather on for Tuesday, I was keen to get offshore, got to the ramp at 5:30 and headed off to get some livies, they were easy to get and filled up the tank in no time. The ride offshore was smooth and got to the spot right on the run up to the tide. Like the last couple weeks the rat kings were everywhere, one after the other pretty much, taking anything they see in front of them. Had fun on those for a couple hours until it went a bit quite. Decided to start using the biggest yakkas I had to try stop the hungry rats from biting which worked a little bit. After soaking a big yakka on the down rigger for 20mins I finally get a good run and could tell it was very big, after fighting it for 5mins trying to keep it off the reef finally landed it and went 104cm, new PB, which we then revived and swam off strongly. We then trolled around till all our yakkas were gone and headed back to the ramp. All in all was a great day, didn’t get a feed but got a new PB. 6E55FE37-A283-491B-9EE2-915680083906.jpeg.c94667f8308d9e10f0fc58150f022abd.jpegEF363A29-80EE-4536-8976-5F767984AC3E.thumb.png.893c0c48df1f8060e74f7830ddd475db.png

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