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meter + Jew of the Kayak.


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well well well.

IM STOKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!

First Jewie of the kayak and its a 108cm!!!!!!

And on a soft plastic!!! my new fav.

Went down to a place on the beaches lol. Im pretty sure its obvious from the photo where im at.

Got down there around 2 in the arvo, over cast, not much wind, my favorite conditions. I find fish seem to come on the chew a lot more when its over cast here, in the shallows. I dunno that's just my experience.

Was funnily enough just gonna chase flatties bream and set up a bread burly and get some mullet. Man was i for a surprise...

3rd cast with with this berkly 3in- 8cm minnow, cas clear. I'd say at most 2.5 meters deep. Let it hit the bottom, double twitch up, let it sink again, another double twitch up.... and then a very distinctive thud. thinking its a flatty, raise rod to set hook. and BOOOOOOOOM!!!!!!!!!!! fish runs a good god knows how long. i dunno estimate 50 meters.

(reminding you that im using 3 kilo platypus mono on a little 2500 Sienna on a Silstar Rod which i have trouble stopping big bream and flatties at times.)

Losing line, fast, have to chase the fish. serious epic head shakes and long runs. Im thinking this cant possibly be a flattie with the fight so far.

This is why i have loved my hobie kayak for so many years. Just use your feet to peddle and chase the fish!!

20 min into battle with the beast, 3 little fishos on a tinney come to investigate my swearing and yelling. Sorry little guys but yeah couldn't help my self. along side the bunch of people kayaks which have paused to watch the show haha.

40 min into battle Jewie decided to head into the shallow weed beds, kinda shocked in to why this fish would go into shallow weed beds. Then i started thinking must be a flattie. followed the fish for a good while through the weed beds when all of a sudden the fish made a choice to dart straight under the back of my kayak, still not seeing the fish, sooo luckily managed to pull the rod under the kayak around the back and more runs.... heart in jumping out chest.

Cheers for the little fellas on the boat for lending me there net, bigger net. still have never had to net such a big fish of a kayak. nearly tipped me over!!!!

Because of all rain we have been getting, water was a bit discolored... but once i saw this fish was amazed. Theres something magical about seeing that silver sheen with those big arse silver spots along its lateral line. will never forget this one.

Finally after a good hour fish is in the net and the little fellas were gorging on as many photos they could take. Was pretty kool seeing the younger blokes being so stoked to holding up a fish nearly as long as them. Wish i was that young and saw a fish that big. Now they got bragging rights at school. ;-)

really unexpected catch but i'm not complaining. sorry about the quality of fish but when photo was taken was using high deff etc needed to take photo of comp screen.

all in all WOOOOOOP WOOOOOPP!!!!!!!


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cheers fishraider people!!! thing that bugs me the most when catching a fish like this is, literally was just about to set up my camera, and i thought, i'll just throw a couple of cast with this soft plastic. Note to self always have the camera rolling!!! you never know when your gonna hook up to a fish you will never forget. that i won't but would love to hear that real sing again. :-)

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