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Flatties hungry on the run out


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Headed out to the Georges this morning to fish the run out tide for flatties. Launched the yak at 7am and deployed my poddy trap while I trolled the flats for 20 minutes. I trolled a couple of shallow diving lures and came up tight on a very nice 58cm flatty in about 5' of water.55cm Flatty on GG.jpg 

Kept this one on ice, then collected a nice batch of poddies and hit one of my deep water spots. The tide still wasn't running with much grunt yet but after a half hour I scored three flatties in quick succession; two around the high 40s and one about 70cm which I released.

70cm flatty on Poddy, released.jpg 

I tried another run out spot for no joy and headed back to the deep spot for the absolute ebb of the tide. A nice mulloway hit like a freight train and came up after a short fight; didn't have the brag mat on me but I'm thinking it was pretty close to 70cm and I released it surrounded by wakeboarders, jet skiers and whoever else was floating around.

70cm Mulloway on poddy.jpg Dropped a poddy down into the depths and another nice flatty in the high 50s nailed it.

58cm flatty on poddy.jpg Headed home with a great feed and spent an hour filleting, skinning and boning some sublime morsels for a few nice dinners:)

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Good fish/ report mate, especially this time of year with all the jet skis about..... I got off the water at 9 am yesterday, to much traffic.... Hopefully this week will produce similar results for me.

U r the GR mystro !

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