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and the moral of the story is ...


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So Sunday morning came.  I'd organised to go fishing but wasn't feeling too motivated or enthusiastic.  The winds would be too strong, it was already too late in the morning, the tides wouldn't be right.  The usual list of reasons.

But decided about 8am to head up to Akuna Bay then motor up to Brooklyn.  Beautiful morning and the enthusiasm is on the way up. Picked up a packet of frozen prawns, thinking won't catch anything on these but got to try something.  Arrived at the railway bridge about 9:30 at the peak of the runout, so thought why not drift through with some light lines.  Might even pick up a flathead.

Second drift through and I thought I'd snagged something.  The little sow and pigs puller rod is bent right over so I'm thinking that it's a log when all of sudden it takes off.  By the time we'd drifted right down to Dangar Island, I'd landed my first ever Jewie at 80cm!

So the moral of the story is .... just get up, go fishing and you never know when you're going to be lucky!



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14 hours ago, GoingFishing said:

did u keep her for the table?

Yep.  A few meals.

5 hours ago, big Neil said:

Exactly! Did you (by chance) buy a lottery ticket on the way home?

Nope.  I figured I'd used up all of my luck quota for the day!

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