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Good day fellow Raiders!

It seemed to be the perfect day, I had the day off work, the girl had the day off work, the sun was shining and the boat was ready to go.

We started our day at about 11am, launching off orange grove boat ramp and heading towards the rip bridge. We decided to anchor St Hubert's side of the bridge where the current was slow and the water was somewhat clear (for Brisbane waters anyway). After about an hour of flicking plastic and getting zilch we decided to continue to Paddy's channel.

On the travel we found a nice sand bar just at the start of Paddy's and decided to flick for a few flathead. After a few really good hits on the plastics we got jack of not hooking up and switched to bait (bonito). We casted out at the same time and both got hit in almost perfect sync, we couldn't believe it, after a bit of a fight up came two beautiful whiting, my girl's went about 34cm and mine was 30cm.....I tried stretching him but just couldn't get the extra 4cm's hahaha. We continued for about another hour and brought up another 4 whiting between us, all keepers! So in the Eski they went.

On the last cast I hooked into something with a little more fight than the humble whiting, and had me running around the boat trying not to get tangled, after about 5 mins of fighting I brought up a nice sized tailor going about 36cm's, good fun bringing him up on such light gear. He put up a good fight so I threw him back to fight another day.

After this we picked a friend up from the local wharf and back to paddy's channel we went, where not much fishing got done, but we had a few drinks and a good old chin wag. All in all we were out for 7 hours and we got something to take home with us which was a bonus. No Flathead this time, but thats the fun of fishing.

Sorry about the lack of photo's, I'll make sure I get some next time.

Thanks for reading Raider's, Good Luck!

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Thanks raiders ?

They were beatiful, lightly floured, cooked 10 seconds a side and a squeeze of lemon juice! 11/10 ?

And if you ever have Bonito or tuna for bait, throw on a small long shank hook, find a nice sand flat and a slow retrieve...deadly combo!

Cheers, Itscaca

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that's it...im throwin away my yabby pump and stockin up on bonnies..hahaha..nah just kiddin...havnt caught them on bonnie but we do get big ones on half pillies or pilly fillets off blacksmiths breakwall...we use size2 or 4 hooks ganged...its like a miniature tailor rig...rick

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