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finally some proper fish in 2021


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As planned got out for my cod mission, a good mate managed to join me so we made the 5 hour trip our favourite cod river. We didn't waste anytime hitting the water, saying conditions were hot would be an understatement. The river itself was a bit low but pretty good in some sections


and absolutely choked by weed in others


The water itself was nice and clean, casting a weedless plastic it didn't take a lot of casts to spot a shadow behind my lure that launched at it 


first fish of the trip


love watching them swim off and this one was good enough to give a cooling shower

we continued on, seeing fish everywhere no hook-ups but encouraging, and working a snaggy edge the fish hit it 3 times before finally hooking up 


and number 2 landed, I continued downstream while Matt stayed in the area we were seeeing plenty of fish, I wasn't far away when I heard a cheer 


Matt had broke the doughnut, we continued on our seperate ways, 

I changed soft plastic colour to a more natural colour, the yellabelly came out of the woodwork, I counted atleast 16 hits or follows from yellas unfortunetly a 5 inch plastic rigged weedless wouldn't hook one not to mention the cod hits they just wouldn't stick.

I worked the weed edges slow rolling the plastic finally another fish stuck


another nice cod to add to the tally

With the arvo getting on and the sun starting to head down I switched to a surface lure, literally first cast watching the lure swim on the surface and nearly crap myself when it erupts, a nice cod which I unfortunetly pulled the hooks on, continued with the surface lure casting the edge heading back towards camp 

The second surface hit was so loud and unexpected it sounded like a gunshot and actually scared the swamphens as much as me, Matt heard the hit and me from a 100m away 


can't beat a surface cod, took me awhile to stop shaking 

the light started to fade and it gets a little dark in the overgrown section 


and one hard portage it was time to move upstream safety before fishing quality, made it into the open near camp as the light was disappearing


nothing like a sunset on the yak, heading for my retrieve point spotted a perfect rock crevice as I went past quickly flicked a plastic in 


a small cod to finish an awesome session Matt manged to beat me 6-5, after 6 hours of yakking the day was finished with a swim to cool down.

The next morning the wind was up so we decided to head for home and chase some trout on the way we stopped at a few spots, not much activity until our last spot there were small fish everywhere, i managed to get a small rainbow to finish the trip


Matt managed to finish his trip with a cracking mid 40's rainbow,

With that the trip was done finally managed to get a decent fish in 2021

cheers for reading 


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