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Port Hacking Whiting PB


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Hit the sandflats on the hacking, Saturday mid morning 1 hour after the low on the run up.

A slight bit of wind, but nothing to worry the cast (fishing completely unweighted). Water was clear as, first few casts was with peeled and un peel prawns with no even a touch. Converted to the worms and the bites were instant. Took a few small pinkys and bream to piss me of and move a little further away down the sand bank. 

I could see the whiting stalking the drop off and the first meter or two of the flats, I threw one into the deeper water and brought it back to around the clearer water, and bang, she hit the bait and ran hard, I was running 8lb braid and 6lb Fluro (leader), with my trusty Samaki Zing and Sienna reel 2500 (best rod and reel combio ive ever owned). Took some heavy runs and drag adjustments and finally got it in.

The bigger whiting came in at around 42-44cm the ones under hit 36-38. That's approx. as of course Id left the ruler at home in a rush.

Pretty stoked for the bigger one, my PB for whiting....Awesome feeling when you get what you target, and the size is well above your expectation. I caught around 6-8, but only took what I needed.

Whiting 1.jpg

Whiting 2.jpg

Whiting 3.jpg

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