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Jewfish back on the bite and Flatties also


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Hit Lower Portland area again on Tuesday with a buddy and able to snare a kg of live prawns at the mouth of the Colo. The tide and moon were perfect (low tide .6 and Hightide 1.1) the Hawkesbury usually fires with small tidal difference.

We caught 15 small Jewies, the largest just under legal😞 and 7keeper duskies and a bag of small bream 28-34, but none of bream (or Jewies kept of course).

It rained all day (but you don’t melt in the rain and the fish are already wet, so didn’t put us off). Out again on Friday with Raider “Hugh” and his young son, hopefully chasing Kingies in the harbour for the first time since lockdown.



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The prawns are running now - fresh coming out of the colo into the Hawkesbury and fairly shallow and with smaller tides and no moon they are around in numbers - and a good size. I’ve been able to keep 40-50 alive in the live bait tank for a full session (6-8 hours)

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