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Port Hacking


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Headed out early this morning, with a pesky breeze and light rain affecting where I wanted to go, so tried somewhere else up from Lilli Pilli. Only a few little pickers about. Pulled out the reddie and 1 bream.

After sunrise, headed up to Grays Point and pumped a few nippers and caught a few poddies. Nippers were few and far between, and caught me another bream and a whiting, and a little flounder. One poddie was grabbed by a flattie that swam around for a short while before letting go. The poddie had teeth marks around the hook, but no other damage. The nippers were chewed by small bream.

Headed down to Maianbar flats where I saw Bruce (Hookerbruce) pulling out a few whiting. The tide was a bit high, so I had to strip down to my jocks with the water lapping away somewhere close 🤣  so I could pump a few nippers. Pulled out the rest in the photo, plus a few more just on legal. Enough for a few feeds.


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6 minutes ago, Isaac Ct said:

Well done Yowie, nice feed as usual. I have to ask this, are you a pescetarian? The amount of fish you catch...

Has been asked before, and the answer is NO.

I do like a good steak, lamb, beef, pork, chicken, rabbit and others.

Had a fish feed tonight, kept a few for my son (who volunteered me to cook them for him and his girl tomorrow, so fish again) and some for mum.

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50 minutes ago, Restyle said:

Well done, nice feed as always

Thank you.

48 minutes ago, jenno64 said:

Nice catch Yowie

i got my boys wet pumping some nippers the other day…..worth the chill!

It is not easy pumping nippers with a fair bit of water swirling around.

I have not seen the old bloke in a little row boat for a year or 2. He rows to somewhere near the Ballast Heap, strips off completely then jumps overboard to pump nippers, sometimes in waist high water. 😂 It would be easier at low tide.

28 minutes ago, Larkin said:

Everyone’s been getting onto the whiting lately. Nice bag of fish there.

The whiting went quiet for a few weeks, and have returned again, though with more smaller fish.

14 minutes ago, leonardgid said:

very nice  bag of fish


Thank you, happy with it.

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I have found (nothing scientific, just decades of fishing) that during spring, when things start to warm up a bit, Whiting will be around the entrance of lakes and rivers, as it gets even warmer, they move out on to the beach and stay there all summer, as it cools again, it's back into the entrance, then right up into the lake for winter. As mentioned, it's nothing more than observation, around the entrance, they will feed freely on Nippers and Squirt Worms, once in the beach, they turn to beach worms, but, Nippers are still OK, especially if it's calm!

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