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Snowy Mountains Fly Fishing this season


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Stream fishing in the snowies has been fantastic this season. All of the streams we have fished have produced wonderful fishing.



These include remote back country locations as well as readily accessible areas.

The last 2 seasons have seen very little fishing pressure due to bush fires and lockdown restrictions. The season was a late starter due to high river levels. The stocking of the streams has continued in earnest resulting in the best fishing seen in the last 10 years.



Our fishing horizons have been expanded dramatically with the introduction of e-bikes. These have turned 10-15 kms hikes, requiring 3 days and hard slog, into pleasant ½ day excursions. It now has made the most remote areas that previously seemed impossible to access into very pleasant trips. We have added bike packing ability and now stay overnight in huts if we can and camp if we can’t. The e-bikes and bike packing are as much fun as the fishing. The locations available are outstanding.


High country meadow streams are just a delight to fish. This is small water and the fish come readily to small dries. Caddis pupa and emergers are the predominate insect. The fish are not widespread and you often have to try different areas to locate the fish. These are feisty fish up to 12 and 14 inches. Some of the smallest creeks are providing the most action.



The readily accessible rivers are producing well. Fishing pressure is growing in the well-known spots but it is not difficult to locate areas that receive little attention. Here the fish are often in the 2 to 3 lb range and very fit and healthy.



With the e-bikes we have been able to access some back country gorge areas. This is tough country to access and e-bikes only get you so far. The fish numbers are low, I expect due to the heavy floods having reduced the numbers dramatically. There are some very big fish to be had for those who want to put in the big effort required. I was staggered to come across a 69cm brown.




Thanks for reading,


Geoff and Evi

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Nice one Geoff and Evi, some great fish there and what a beautiful part of the world. It's been far too long since I've last been down that way.

It's a fantastic idea, using an E-bike. I can see how it makes it more feasible to access more remote spots, as you have found. I have also long suspected that bikes could turbocharge landbased fishing, allowing an angler to quickly change locations in a similar manner that a boat allows. Certainly gives me some food for thought. The extra exercise wouldn't go astray either...

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Thanks for the report Geoff & Evi,

When I was very young a close relative & his mates would fish all the back country using trail bikes. They knew all the old roads and tracks from the grazing days. Fly fishing at its best. I will suggest the use of your motorised bikes however I suspect they will decline. I remember crossing the Eucumbene River by 4wd when the lake first dropped and heading out the back on the old highway which my "older relative" remembers driving on before the dam. The old highway bridge at Anglers reach was visible recently. Unfortunately a lot of the huts that burnt in the 1990's fire Uncle Yogi did not want to replace despite them being on their Asset Register which has been a great loss of history as well as current use & enjoyment of the Park.

I'm looking forward to your next report. Thank you Hoods


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What a top report Geoff and Evi. A fantastic story of previously difficult, or inaccessible, areas now being reachable. Some magnificent fish caught and amazing photos shown. Good to see that the upper reaches of rivers are very fishable and producing quality catches. What a beautiful country we live in. Thank you. bn

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