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6 year old’s first fishing trip in Sydney Harbour


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An ex-work colleagues eldest boy (Harrison) wanted to go fishing for his 6th birthday and after hearing his dad and I talk about kingfish, wanted to catch one to be like the “big boys”. His dad hadn’t been fishing before and due to the flood waters, rubbish and debris I was a little hesitant, but also mindful that it was the only break in weather with low swell and wind and “nice” conditions, so we hit Roseville ramp expecting it to be packed, being first day of Easter holidays.

Surprisingly, there were hardly any trailers in the car park at 6am (later than usual, but I wanted daylight to see the flotsam and avoid debris) and very few boats on the water. I did meet up with a few regulars at the bait grounds, though and most were headed offshore to chase Kingies - which was our plan, but the young bloke hadn’t been on a boat before, so wanted his first experience to be a positive one and decided to stay inside.

As it was we had a cracker day. Harrison caught a stack of yellowtail, Trevally, bream and some baby snapper at the bait grounds and quite a few wrasse / parrot fish. We had a “harbour tour” visiting the opera house and harbour bridge,  Luna Park and Clifton Gardens, stopping at a few spots on the way catching 3 kingfish a swag of leatherjacket, some bream and more baby snapper. Nathan hooked into a fiddler (Banjo) ray and had a good tussle on 8lb line. Harrison was very excited when a police boat dropped by to do their regular safety check (and compliment me on his life jacket - no brainer). I am always happy for fisheries, police, maritime to “visit” - nothing to hide.
Although there were mackerel working the surface and birds diving, I wasn’t keen to throw lures at them with the crew having no experience with fishing rods / reels and metal lures with treble hooks flinging around, so we stuck with bait fishing.

Both Harrison and his dad caught kingfish and our prayers were answered. The young blokes final goodbye was “can we go again tomorrow”, so aim was achieved and another budding fisho was introduced to the “game they play in heaven” (remember Jesus 4 closest mates were fishermen, and if it’s good enough for God - I’m in).






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So nice of you to take Harrison and Nathan out. A worthy sixth birthday celebration for sure!

The thing I love about fishing with kids is that they get excited about catching Banjos and Toads. Which, when you think about it, they are really quite interesting creatures. Sometimes us grown-ups just need to lighten up a little (and perhaps move spots after admiring and releasing said catch) 🤣

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