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PB flattie and wet weather


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The whole point of this fishing trip for my mate and I was to grab a 2 fish so a food technology assessment tomorrow so we would have fresh fish. But then i found out the assessment was due in 2 weeks so that plan went out the window.....

But as always we decided to head out still as as "everydays a good day for fishing." so after walking to my mates house, which included him loosing his jumper and us having to run round to find it we eventually reached the water by 3:50. We first tried horseshoe beach and didn't get any hits. I tried a 2.5 gulp grabby and a Zman 2.5 grub in motor oil. by mate was usign a 3 inch nuc chicken shrimp. After getting poured on while fishing horseshoe we decided to move up the breakwall. This is where the flatties started coming in. After changing my lure to my now favourite Zman 2.5" bloodworm slim swim i hooked up to my PB flattie. i have to admit some words did come out of my mouth directed to my mate to lift the flattie up as there where rock all around him and i was worried about loosing him,but my mate true as always lifted him up like a champ and soon we had a 61cm flattie flapping about. I was ment to keep some fish for dinner but i felt bad as it was a beautiful flattie and realised the beautiful flathead. My mate who had been getting some good success here lately, 40cm to 50cm was bummed and i offered to trade combos, then first cast on his i was on. This fish unlike the first one out up a good fight, admitaldy my first proprer fish fight and proboly lasted 2-5 minutes. I was pumped, but saw my mate complaing how i was catching the fish, so i offered him the rod to have a little fight and ill try to land the fish. So after giving my mate the rod and letting him fight it a little bit we had the fish just over a rock. there were waves washing over it so i knew i had to move quickly, so grabbing the leader..... and then it snapped and this fish probabally bigger then the first one takes of. But im not going to let it go that easily, so i dive in hat and all to see if i could somehow grab it. but no and i all i come out the water is is a wet hat shirt and pair of shorts (and a couple of good scratches.) After hooking up to another flattie on his combo 49cm which we decided to take home for dinner, I was shivering and freezing to death but we still had 10 more minutes of fishing to go. So the famous "last cast" came out and bamm i was on agagin this one judging but its fighting style was a decent bream, but in the transfer to my mate who wanted to "claim" a fish it got off. So walking up the breakwall, i was cold and happy and my mate was warm but sad. It was a great day fishing, Thank you for reading


Tides/weather: High tide, overcast

lures: all fish cauht on 2.5" zman slim swim and 3" shrimp nuc chicken


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