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New boat, kings, engine failure and sashimi

Newport Nuffy

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So I have been offline for several months as I sold out of my last boat (Boston Whaler 250 Outrage) and have recently purchased a Pursuit 3000 Offshore - needs some love, but a great layout and hull.  Finally found a weather window to head out last Sunday and test the "new" boat.

Headed out of Newport around 6.30am with a view to pick up some livies around Barrenjoey Heads and then go to 12 Mile.  We would make the call there whether we would then go out to the shelf and chase tuna.  Could not find any bait balls, so rather than keep driving around in circles, decided we would head to the 12 and jig for Kings.  Boat performed beautifully - very dry ride, very comfortable but quite noisy sitting on top of 2 x 285hp diesels without any sound deadening installed!  That said, we ran at a comfortable 23 knots and was there in under an hour.

On board was myself, my 18 year old, a mate of his and his dad.  Mate and dad hadn't jigged before so my young bloke was giving a demo on the first drop and bang....rod bends, line starts to scream off the Gosa and he brings up at 86cm king from the deep.  First fish on the boat had to be ike jimi'ed, bled and put straight in to the kill tank.  Great start.  Through the next few hours we boated probably another 8 kings above 75cm, one rat and one Leatherjacket.  Dad had yet to land one....so one more drift with he an me jigging and we are both on.  I am on a PE0.8 overhead setup and my rod tip is below the water line.  Dad fighting hard for his first ever king.  Both get on to the boat, mate's dad goes 82cm, mine goes 90cm (a PB).  Both go back to breed and fight another day.

Head out to the shelf, dragged lures around for a while with nothing happening - couldn't even see a bird.  Head back home, starboard engine dies 18 miles out so nurse back home on port engine running at about 10 knots - fortunately it was a very nice day with a few whales and dolphins to keep us company.  Turned out to be low fuel put air in to the line and engine passed out.  Was speaking to my mechanic while out there....his view was keep heading in on the other engine rather than shut everything down and try to diagnose.  We followed that, got home safely on what now was apparently fumes and enjoyed filleting four big fat kings over a beer or two.

All in all, a great day out.  Plus a good learning to keep the fuel tank filled up!! Very happy with the new rig....only issue was caused from user error!  No fish photos, but photo of the boat!



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13 hours ago, blaxland said:

Sounds like a seasoned pro except going to the shelf not knowing how much fuel you had or would use nice story and boat.


Agree @blaxland - absolute rookie error.  Turned out OK, so the learning is there without too much pain!

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12 hours ago, Pickles said:

Great report @Newport Nuffy, the Yellowfin, we’re just not around on Sunday, but the Kingies certainly were - was a blinder of a day. New boat looks brilliant.

I was surprised @Picklesto only see around 10 boats or so at the 12.  Made for learning how the new boat drifts a lot less stressful.  All boats were putting good size fish on the deck - have been there many times and have never seen the kings so reliably big and all were fat!

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