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A day of firsts for me...


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A great day of boating and fishing over the weekend


On saturday a few friends wanted to chase whales so just went out past botany heads. Took the rods just incase but fishing was tough as was not the days priority so didnt have all the gear. Still got an amazing show put on for us by these majestic beasts of the ocean. Plenty of big breaches close to the boat which was epic.


Then sunday comes along and it was all about the fish. Went with a few mates out off lurline bay and tried for trags as was told they were about. Nothing was happening so went off waverly cemetry and all we got were small spikey flatheads. So at about 10am made the call to hit coogee wide and have a crack there.


Start the drift and we get a mowie and a just legal snapper so was a good sign on the right spot. 5 min into the drift mates rod buckles and he pulls up a nice 55cm pearl pearch. We were stocked to say the least...a few min later boom my rod buckles and up comes a 55cm snapper. What a day!!! Continue the drift and woo hoo my rod buckles again and i get myself my first pearl perch. We start the drift again and once more my rod goes off and up comes a trag....my mates are getting upset as all the action is on my rod and i sort of felt for them too haha. 

By this time i am realising for all the shit days of fishing you have its days like this that get you back on the water... however within about half an hour of all the action happening the bite just died so we decided to try squidding. Never really got into the squidding as could never catch one...  we tried kurnell, near the nude beach and the last stop was bare island and the fishing gods came back to visit me and finally i got my fisrt squid. And it was a not bad one i must say.

All in all what a day to catch 3 new species for the first time. I know my next 5 trips are now just going to be dismall but thats ok








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3 hours ago, Jp2 said:

Well done. Nice pair of pearlies there!!! Is that odd for winter?? Can I please ask at what depth you found them?? Congrats.

Cannot tell you if odd or not for winter as never really targeted them.


It was in 60m depth pretty much off coogee beach. I think i stumbled onto a spot as a charter boat came by the general area and had abit of a fish for a while too

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