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Narrabeen 27th may first legal size fish


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As most who have been on forum a while would notice. I have been asking tons of questions on SP fishing. I have received some solid advice and have spent past months on technique and I would like to thank everyone, especially @DerekD

I arrived 2:30pm near caravan Park and spent half an hour wading sandflats and tying up lures trying to figure out environment and likely spots

At approximately 3 pm I hooked the first small flatty on zman grub


After wading back after unhook. I caught a 40 cm flatty and a 30 cm breambo afterwards.

Quite excited that effort got something decent after many donut training days


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23 minutes ago, noelm said:

Well done, sand flats wading is great fun I reckon.

it was a bit of a puzzle trying to figure out the depth of water and where there is the structure that can potentially hold fish. I normally bait fish with worms near entrance on other side or just beach fish. So taking the time to actually figure out the terrain was pretty important. Google satellite maps also helps identify weed beds

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Well done Faker. That's what this site is all about. Asking questions, listening to the answers and trying the methods out. All of this usually ends up with a positive outcome for the novice angler. Good on DerekD for helping out as he often does.

Onwards and upwards from here mate. bn

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